It is necessary to know each owner of commercial refrigeration equipment in order to obtain the optimum cooling temperature in the cabinets and to reduce consumption power.

1. Do not install refrigerators near (up to 2 meters) to heaters, in direct sunlight, in drafts that caused by doors, don’t leave windows or artificial climate systems opened, in rooms with increased dampness.

2. Keep the temperature in trading device no higher than 25°C, and the lower it is, the better is for the equipment.

3. Begin loading with products only after reaching the passport temperature in cooled equipment volume.

4. Load pre-cooled (frozen) product till the temperature of product volume, evenly placing computation surface.

5. To circulate the cooling air, leave at least 1 cm between the products, in the direction from the back of the product to the front, and the distance to enclosure along the perimeter should be not less than 40 mm.

6. Do not cover the shelf-grid with paper or other dense material, it disrupts the normal circulation of cooling air.

7. If you notice that the evaporator of the refrigeration system quickly frosts after thawing, becomes covered with an excessive snow coat, and works ineffectively until the next thaw, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of excessive moisture, for this:Monitor and maintain air humidity in the trading unit from 40% to 60%;Do not load the device with uncooled products, the products are not intended for pre-cooling (freezing) the goods;Call the service personnel to reset defrost mode.

8. Do not exceed the loading line when laying out products in demonstration part of the storefronts.

9. Do not store perishable products on uncooled glass shelves located above the loading line, this can lead to spoilage.

10. Do not overload display area, do not block the decorative grille of the evaporator and the air ducts at the front windows, air ducts at the slides and bonnets.

11. Do not load the volume, located under food pallets, at the corner cases Tair 1211 and VHS-UN.

12. Do not leave, without special need, the doors of the refrigerating cabinet, the doors of the refrigerated showcase as opened.

13. Control the tightness of the cabinet door seal against the door opening, if the seal is damaged, call the service personnel, to adjust the doors

14. When operating the refrigeration equipment, consider that it has its own technical features that do not affect the efficiency of use:

The temperature at different points of cooled volume differs depending on the distance to evaporator and the air circulation method (static and dynamic cooling). The controller shows the average temperature.The product compressor operates cyclically, turning off when the set temperature is reached, and turning on when it is growing to the set value. At the same time, the temperature at individual points of the cooled volume may rise for a short time.During refrigeration equipment operation, the compressor stops periodically to thaw the evaporator. At thawing time, the temperature in the cooled volume may slightly increase.All these deviations are permissible and are within the limits of technical parameters established by specifications, if the operating conditions are not violated.

To avoid spoilage of products, excessive wear of the units, excessive costs for energy consumption, reduced comfort in the trading unit, observe operation rules.