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Domestic heating boilers heat coolant and are fed to the heating trunk, so they provide heating till desired temperature.

To choose a boiler with a suitable manufacturer, capacity and type, the specialist and the owner of the house must join forces. There must be taken into account a lot of nuances that will help the boiler to create comfortable living conditions.

The design of electric boilers is simpler than those that work at the expense of gas. They do not need regular maintenance, and most importantly they are safe and do not harm the environment.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a boiler is what fuel it will work on. Of course, if gas is supplied to the house, it is advisable to choose the boiler with an atmospheric gas burner, or to connect and feed it from an autonomous gas cylinder.

Electric boilers are connected to a single-phase or three-phase electric power, depending on volume of consumed power. It should also be taken into account that such kind of boiler consumes a lot of electrical energy and it will probably work poorly in networks with low power.

Heating electric boilers can heat rooms with any purpose – from houses to garages, and no matter as a heating source or reserve type.

Electric boilers types

Электрических котловElectric boiler (electric heater) – Rather simple device. Its main elements:

– heat exchanger, which is constituted with a tank of internal heater is mounted inside.

Control and regulation unit.

The main advantage of electric boiler is the possibility of automated operation of the boiler and simply maintain temperature set. In addition, electric boilers are inexpensive, just installed and do not need to allocate a separate room. The main drawback of using electric boilers is that electricity is expensive.

Boilers heat buildings of all purposes, when there is no centralized heating or it is ineffective.

Electrode boiler (ion boiler) — is the best representative of energy-saving heating devices, which is widely used and at the same time it is uncomplicated, reliable and safe in operation. It appeared as a result of the use of defense industry for peaceful purposes. The efficiency of electrode boilers can be 98%.

Electric boilers device

Электрических котлов

Single-phase boilers contain the following parts:

– The body is made of metal with the nozzles of coolant’s inlet and outlet. Another body acts as a second electrode and an ionization camera.

– Rod electrode with a current lead and sealed bushing electric insulator

– 2 terminal groups with protective covers.

The bottom of single-phase boilers is occupied by terminal-phase, the side is occupied by terminal-zero wire, terminal ground wire.

Three-phase boilers constist of such parts as:

– body made of metal with nipples, into which the coolant enters and leaves. The body also serves as an ionization camera

– bases with 3 electrodes placed on them with current leads and sealed bushing electric insulators

– terminal group with protective cover.

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