Water purification system. Excellent work and long service life of water treatment system, provided with high-quality maintenance, its regularity and timeliness, fast and effective support in case of emergency of technical problems.

Masters of high qualification of our company will solve any issue, both on a planned basis (contract for 1 year), and for one-time trips. It is possible to conclude a contract for the maintenance of water treatment systems installed by other companies.

Installation place of water purification system leaves team of installers consisting of 2 people.
Requirements for installation site of water treatment system:

  • The presence of a sewage drain
  • The presence of a stabilized power supply (220 V, 50 Hz)
  • Air temperature not lower than 4°С
  • Air humidity not more than 70%

The duration of installation of water purification system is from 1 to 3 days. It depends on the number of units of water treatment equipment and complexity of installation.
The work ends with signing of acceptance certificate of the installation of water treatment system with a short briefing on the operation of the water treatment equipment with the issuance of user instructions. The final work calculation is made.