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Steam generator is the equipment that is intended for dry and wet steam production under high pressure. This equipment is usually used in food, wood-working, tobacco and light industry, as well as in the building and pharmaceutics.

With their help, you can degrease the surfaces, process vegetables, make sausage, sterilize medical instruments and dry carving woods.

On the territory of oil and gas and mining complexes, steam generators are used for:

  • Steam infusion into oil reservoir in order to intensify oil production;
  • Heating of bituminous plastic;
  • Quick unloading of railway tanks in winter;
  • Cleaning of internal surfaces of railway tanks from petroleum and chemical products;
  • Heating of fuel-oil storage tanks;
  • Extraction of mineral resources;
  • Thermal treatment of mining developments in winter;
  • Creation of mobile heat point using industrial steam generators for the use of complex climatic conditions.

At the enterprises of chemical and industrial medicine:

  • Sterilize The equipment and instruments;
  • Create the conditions that are harmful for bacteria generation

At the enterprises of building industry:

  • Cure reinforced concrete by steam;
  • Warm up inert materials (aggregate, sand) in winter.

At the enterprises of wood and forest industries:

  • Dry wood products in special chambers;
  • Use for manufacturing of paper-and-pulp products.

Steams generators are also used in the field of agricultural industry for:

  • Thermal treatment of the soil;
  • Extermination of plant’s pests.

Steam generators are used in food industry (meat-processing and sausage shops, breweries etc.).

Steam generators: inner assembly

These devices are multifunctional equipment and consist of the following components:

  • Carcass (base with functional parts located on it);
  • Boiler (reservoir with liquid level gauge);
  • Pressure sensor;
  • Pump is necessary for water supply;
  • Electronics (devices for total control of steam formation process).

Mentioned above units are the main units. Set complete can be changed (depending on the modification of the device).

Steam generators are divided into several types. The most popular of them are electrical, gas and liquid fuel.

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