Repair of «Buderus» heating boilers

Buderus heating boilers are not just high-quality, they are also “smart” boilers, the design of which is thought out and implemented in such a way that all working processes carried out by this boiler were maximally automated. This quality makes this brand of boilers extremely easy to use, which attracts more and more attention to them every season. Another factor that also attracts the attention of the public is the extremely wide range of boilers, as well as the reluctance of the company to dwell on what has been achieved. So, every year, the producers of Buderus invariably release to the market something new, even more heated interest of the consumer.

Despite the ease of handling, which is caused by the availability of the most automated control system, it happens because the repair of Buderus boilers is a very complicated procedure. It will not only be necessary a repairman for boilers, but a highly qualified specialist who has extensive experience with this high-tech brand.

Question: What should I do when I need maintenance, installation or repair of Buderus boilers? In addition to repair, this model also requires increased attention and delicacy during installation and regular (!) Maintenance. All these procedures, too, should be carried out only by a very experienced master who has the appropriate certificate. The consequences of improper installation can be extremely deplorable, until the boiler fails, without possibility of recovery. In addition, with improper installation, the boiler parts wear out an order of magnitude faster than it does in the normal mode. This leads to the fact that repairs are required much faster and more often, in the same way, there will often be a need for tangible financial costs. The same thing (again!) applies to technical inspection.

Of course, the most reliable option would be to contact the appropriate service center, but which center should I contact? Today there is a huge number of all service centers, workshops in the city, etc., so which one to choose?

When contacting Server-Servis, you will receive:

  • Possibility to call a qualified master anywhere from Tashkent city and its region      Free diagnostics of your boiler’s failure (in case the repair is done)
  • Quality repair, installation and dismantling of Buderus boilers in Tashkent
  • Low prices
  • Long-term quality assurance


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