Absorbtion chillers

Server Service company designs and installs industrial air conditioning systems based on absorption refrigerating machines.

This is the ideal option for air conditioning businesses with a heat waste, which is not used to be thrown out on the street.


Absorption chiller is a non-compressor chiller that generates cold utilizing energy of hot water, solar energy, steam or natural gas combustion. And, basically, this is waste heat, which simply dissipates in atmosphere by the company. Distilled water is used as a coolant in absorption chillers and as a absorbent – a solution of lithium bromide.

Thus, as you can see, for production of cold absorption chillers do not use electrical energy – they allow you to use free energy, which was simply is thrown into the atmosphere.

This feature makes absorption chillers indispensable in factories and facilities with following items:

  • Electricity limit supplied to facility
  • In the production cycle, there is excessive heat generation
  • The enterprise uses a cogeneration power plant to generate electricity and hot water

Above all, absorption chillers have several advantages over other systems.


Absorption chillers have a number of advantages both for vapor compression chillers and for other air-conditioning systems:

  • The life of such chillers is several times longer than lifetime of any other air conditioning systems. Absorption chillers can operate continuously for 20-40 years without major repairs – this is due to lack of a compressor.
  • Low operating costs. Absorption chiller practically does not consume electricity – during operation it utilizes the waste of boiler heat and industrial equipment.
  • Low noise level.
  • There are no compressors in absorbtion chiller, as a result of which noise level is significantly reduced.
  • Due to low power consumption, when you use an absorption chiller, there is no need to build additional power plants and lay electric cables.
  • Absorption chiller does not contain freons, which allows to minimize harmful things to environment and human consequences in the event of chiller failure.
  • In operation, the absorption chiller has no harmful effect on the environment, but also reduces overall harmful effect of the plant or power plant where it is used. This is due to a decrease in waste heat and a decrease in emissions temperature.

Server Service Company delivers absorption chillers to Uzbekistan, makes their installation and maintenance.

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