Recuperator is a device that is intended to make the air more fresh and normalize the temperature. It prevents the heat loss in the room in winter, but in summer it prevents the outdoor air input.

What does recuperation mean?

Recuperation (from Latin “recuperatio” means “back receipt”) is a partial energy return for its reuse. This system allows efficiently ventilating the premise and save on heating. The recuperator easily stores 2/3 of heat escaping from the heating.

Recuperator’s operating principle

Supply and exhaust ventilation systems have become more popular in these days. So, in winter they are used for cleaning of fresh air and heating it with heater. Warm cleaning air heats and dilutes contaminated air mass.  The “exhausted” air enters the exhaust ventilation and then it is taken out to the street.

The main purpose of the recuperation is the heating of input air. You can also set the temperature by yourself. Almost all modern models are equipped with the automatic control system. Supply and exhaust ventilation system with recuperator gives warm air, cleaned from dust and allergic agents. It also reduces heating consumption.

Types of recuperators

The most popular type is the plate heat exchanger, but there are also other types. There is an additional information about recuperators below.

Recuperator with plate heat exchanger (Plate recuperator)


Recuperator with plate heat exchanger (Plate recuperator)

This type is used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems. Its outstanding feature is intwrsection of supply and exchaut air flows, which can’t  be mixed because of constructive features of the device.


1. Efficiency up to 92%.

2. It doesn’t require the often maintenance.

3.  There are no parts that consume electric energy. It means you can save the electricity.


1. Sometimes there is a need for crossing of air ducts in recuperator. It is not always can be carried out

2. Plate heat exchanger can be frozen in winter. In order to avoid it, it is necessary from time to time to turn off supply fan or use the bypass valve.

3. Such recuperators are used only for heat exchange.

Recuperator with rotary heat exchanger (Rotary recuperator)


Recuperator with rotary heat exchanger (Rotary recuperator)

Rotary recuperators take the second place by popularity. The operating principle is base on the passage of supply and exhaust air flows through a rotating heat exchanger.


1. Efficiency is about 85%.

2. Rotary heat exchanger is able to return heat and humidity.

3. It is possible to control the general efficiency of recuperator


1. In order to provide fresh air supply, it is necessary to install additional filters for supply and exhaust.

3.There are mobile componenets and electric energy consumers in this recuperator. That’s why it is necessary to carry out a regular maintennace (in comparison with plate recuperators).

Water recirculating recuperator


Water recirculating recuperator

Water recirculation recuperators are used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems. They transfer heat energy from frees tanding exhaust heat exchanger to the supply one by mens of water. antifreeze or other heat carriers.

Heat exchangers (supply and exhaust) are located separately from each other and connected by means of thermal insulation pipeline. Such recuperators are used not so often because of low efficiency and often maintenance.

Roof recuperator


Roof recuperator

Roof recuperators are installed on the roof of the building. It is ideal for large buildings such as shopping centers, production shops, fabric buildings and other. This type of recuperators allows saving the space under the ceiling, as heat exchangers are installed outside.


  1. Efficiency is 68%.
  2. It is onstalled on the roof. Special system of fastening eliminates the additional loading on the roof structure.
  3. Low expenses and operating costs.



Server Service Company provides a professional design and installation of ventilation systems. We are also engaged in the delivery of ventilation installations with built-in recuperators from China and Europe at the best prices.

Installation of ventilation system with recuperation allows you:

  • Increasing the ventilation efficiency;
  • Reducing the heating and electric energy consumption;
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the premise.

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