The main office of Canada Menergy Corporation is situated in Toronto. It is one of the largest manufacturers who produce the equipment using energy saving technologies. Canada Menergy is engaged in the production of conditioning and ventilation systems which is environmentally friendly. Based on scientific researches, they develop their production constantly checking it and making changes. In the course of its activity, the company has gained a great experience due to the energy saving works and environment protection.

Server Service Company is engaged in the delivery of chillers and VRV/VRF systems of Canada Menergy production.

Our specialists will carry out the installation of climatic equipment, start-up and adjustment, as well as guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance. For more information, please contact Server Service Company by telephone numbers:+998 (71) 207-33-32

The equipment from Menergy Corporation, supplied by our company:

Products of Menergy corporation supplied by our company

Heat pump Water-Air (Water heat pump)

Split system Monoblock Ceiling type Invertor



Heat pump Water-water (Chiller of condenser water cooling)

Horizontal Vertical Packaged Heat pump for greenhouses



Geothermal heat pump (Chiller of condenser water cooling) 

Modular Screw compressor High temperature Floode screw type



Heat pump Air-water (Chiller of condenser water cooling)

Modular Screw compressor  Heat pump for house Water heater



Fan coils and ventilation

Канальные фанкойлы Menergy в Ташкенте Напольные фанкойлы Menergy Потолочные фанкойлы Menergy в Ташкенте Приточная установка Menergy в Ташкенте
Ducted fan coil unit Floor standing fan coil unit Cassette fan coil unit Air handling unit