One of the paramount questions for those who wants to order ventilation ducts is type and features of main components of the ventilation system.

Types of air ducts

There are many types of ventilation ducts, each of wich is distinguished by material, form of section, type and direction of joint.

Ventilation ducts are typically made of galvanized or stainless steel, as well as black metal (smoke exhaust duct). However, the most popular material for prodcution of air ducts is galvanized steel.

Advantages of galvanized steel:

  • light weight makes easy transportation and installation process.
  • flexibility makes it easier to manufacture parts of different shape.
  • resistance to corrosion and environmental impacts that extands service life of galvanized products up to 10-15 years.
  • aesthetic appearance.
  • affordable price.


  • strong noise;
  • condensate accumulation. In order to avoid this problem, it is necessary to insulate air ducts;
  • Deformation due to mechanical impact. Be careful during equipment transportation.

What type of air duct is better – round or rectangular?

Depending on the form of section, air ducts are divided into round and rectangular. Both have a number of distinctive features.

Rectangular ducts

Galvanized rectangular ducts are distinguished by aerodynamic resistance. One of the main benefits of rectangular ducts is high efficiency (in comparison with round ducts of the same diameter).

Compact size allows to install ducts behind hung ceiling. Due to aesthetic appearance, they serve as decoration of the interior.

Wide choice of fittings (bends, T-pieces, four-way pieces) allows us to implement projects of any complexity. Rectangular ducts also can be connected with circular ducts. You will just need special transitions.

Disadvantages of rectangular ducts

  • slow rate of air movement. In this case it is necessary to install artificial ventilation system.
  • noise during operation (can be reduced with the help of high quality insulation materials).
  • heavy weight that complicates the installation process.

There are two types of connection: flange and flangeless. Standard length – 1,2 m. Diameter is different, so don’t forget to indicate necessary parameters.

Round ducts

Round galvanized ducts evenly distribute air and have excellent aerodynamic resistance.

High speed of air movement prevents dust accumulation in ductwork system. This makes easier the cleaning and guarantees the supply of fresh air into the room.

Simple design simplifies transportation and installation works.

It is worth noting that the price of round ducts is significantly lower compared to rectangular ducts.

However, these air ducts also have disadvantages. Round ducts take up a lot of space. If there is a hung ceiling in the room, it is bettee to refuse from the installation of round ducts.

Round ducts also complicates performing calculations. So it is very difficult to determine duct area with extreme accuracy.

Round ducts are divided into two types: longitudinal and spirally wound. Standard length of the first – 1,25 m, the second ones are limitless. Longitudinal ducts are cheaper than spirally wound ducts. But the second one are more rigid and reliable.

What type of air duct to choose?

So what air duct is better? There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on the purpose of the premise, features of inner layout, presence or absence of hung ceiling, ventilation system efficiency, pursued goals and financial possibilities.

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