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Ventilation is a necessary condition for comfortable microclimate in any premise. Favorable temperature condition is a guarantee of high productivity of industrial enterprises.

Server Service Company provides the services of design and installation of climatic systems in Uzbekistan.

If you want to provide the production shop with favorable atmosphere which is located in Fergana, Samarkand or Navoi, our specialists are always at your services.

Advantages of our company

There are few companies that are engaged in the maintenance of industrial and semi-industrial systems. In the course of our activity, Server Service Company has made a good showing in the field of engineering and climatic systems.

  • A great staff of employees with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of air conditioning;
  • Development of the projects of any complexity;
  • We are scrupulous about our services;
  • Guarantee for all implemented services;
  • Affordable prices.

Server Service Company will solve any problems of industrial equipment! There are photos of our objects in the section “Our photo”.

Our services:

  • Designing;
  • Installation;
  • Replacement and repair of the parts;
  • Technical maintenance;
  • Starting up and testing of the system.

Our company provides the equipment delivery from abroad to Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Andijan and other cities of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Installation of ventilation system for swimming pool with heating and dehumidification of air in Tashkent:

Вентиляция бассейна. Монтаж вентиляции Монтаж вентиляции
Монтаж вентиляции в ташкенте Монтаж вентиляции. Вентиляция бассейна Фильтрация воздуха в системе вентиляции

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