remont ventilyaciiMaintenance of supply and exhaust ventilation. Supply and exhaust ventilation system require timely maintenance. So, you will avoid malfunctions and problems during the operation. Such complex process as ventilation maintenance must be implemented by high qualified specialists.

The maintenance consists of the repeated procedures that must be implemented to maintain the working indicators of the device.

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What should be done when maintaining the supply and exhaust ventilation

 There is a list of services that should be done during the maintenance of ventilation system. It is worth noting that technical maintenance of ventilation system in Tashkent must be implemented regularly, as the air is too contaminated. Therefore, the filters of supply ventilation must be replaced as often as possible.

– Check the filters status

– Inspect the grids that carry out the inlet and distribution of the air

– Clean and check the balancing of impeller

– Check the status of the fan’s motors bearings

– Check the reliability of electric connections

– Check the status of automation and regulation systems

– Check the technical status of fire-safety valves

– Measure the pressure drop and air temperature

This list can be changed according to the client’s wishes


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