Ремонт вентиляции в ТашкентеRepair of supply and exhaust ventilation system. According to work plans and recommendations of manufacturer, regular scheduled repair of supply and exhaust ventilation system is performed. During this procedure, the wear or deterioration parts are replaced.

Repair of ventilation system is divided into several types. The first of them is a current repair, which is performed on schedule without dismantling of the equipment. In case of urgent repair, the wear parts and details are partially dismantled and replaced to the new ones. It is also possible to repair the ventilation system without dismantling of the equipment.

General maintenance of ventilation system requires complete dismantling of the equipment. In this case, the equipment is replaced to the new ones or cleaned. Then the repair of ventilation is performed.

Supply and exhaust ventilation systems need the unscheduled repair if:

  • High consumption of electricity
  • Air in the premise is too contaminated
  • There are unpleasant odor and vibration during the operation

When repairing the ventilation system, the elimination of determined malfunctions is carried out. We are also engaged in the production of ventilation grids.

If you don’t bypass timely maintenance of ventilation system, you will improve the life ratio of your equipment.

If you noticed any malfunctions during the operation of ventilation system, contact our specialists! They are ready to consult you and come to the suitable decision. In addition, we carry out the diagnostics of ventilation system. If it is necessary, we eliminate all malfunctions and replace deterioration parts of the ventilation.

We repair your ventilation system quickly and in professional level! Call Server Service Company!

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