Ремонт вентиляции в Ташкенте

Regular repair of input-exhaust ventilation system helps to avoid malfunctions during operation and extend service life of the equipment by several times.

Depending on the current works, repair of ventilation system divides into several types. The first type is the current repair. It is usually carried out without dismantling of the equipment. The other type is an urgent repair of ventilation system. In this case the worn parts and components are dismantled. If necessary, they are replaced to the new ones. Repair is carried out without dismantling.

Capital repair of ventilation system involves a complete dismantling of the equipment, parts replacement, cleaning and disinfection of internal units, check of sensors and automation system status.

Unscheduled repair of input-exhaust ventilation system

  • high electric energy consumption
  • unpleasant odor and vibration during operation
  • low quality of the air.

Professional repair of ventilation system allows to prevent premature replacement of basic components. Did you notice reduction of functionality of your ventilation system? Call our specialists! They are ready to answer all your questions and help to select a suitable equipment!

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