Ремонт ледогенераторов в УзбекистанеOur company Server Service performs repair and maintenance of ice makers from different manufacturers (Brema, Fagor, Zanussi, GENEGLACE, Scotsman, Kuechenbach and many others) in the shortest possible lines, qualitatively and reliably. We carry out:

  • Cleaning of drainage system
  • Flushing of condensers
  • Check the tightness of refrigerant circuit
  • Checking the operation of automatical devices
  • Replacement of units and parts (compressor, filter dryer, solenoid valve, pump, etc.)

Ice makers or ice generators are devices designed to produce ice of very different shapes: ice cones, cylinders, cubes and others. Ice makers are often used in public catering establishments for preparing cocktails, as well as for trade purposes (for example, for laying fish on a display case).

The works are held by professionals.

All repairs of refrigeration equipment are guaranteed, both for done work (from 1 to 3 months) and for replacement spare parts and equipment (from 3 to 6 months).

We draw up acts of technical expertise and acts for writing off the refrigeration equipment.

The cost of repairing the refrigeration equipment is determined on site and depends on the cost of spare parts and work complexity.

Repair of refrigeration equipment and its servicing are carried out by our company in Tashkent and beyond of the city. The repair is done on site and you do not have to think about transporting the equipment to a service center.

Our specialists carry out repairs of professional refrigeration equipment of a wide range of names used in stores, supermarkets, catering, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, entertainment centers, nightclubs, bakeries, confectioneries and other specialized enterprises at any convenient for you time.


And you can get a high-quality and reliable ice maker from us – just choose the suitable device in our catalog.

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