Refrigerated cabinets. Refrigerating and freezing cabinets can be used for storing food, drinks, medicines, flowers and other products and are used in trade, public catering and pharmaceutical industries.Types of refrigerated cabinets: medium-temperature, low-temperature and combined.

The principal difference between them in temperature regime and appearance: mid-temperature refrigerating cabinets have a temperature from +1 to +12°C and sliding doors or swing doors. Low-temperature – hinged metal and glass doors, temperature up to -18°C. Combined – metal swing doors, temperature from +1 to +6°C and up to -18°C or from -5 to +5°C. The most popular was the refrigerated closet, it is suitable for almost every room because of its compactness, ease of use and the best products presentation.

We carry out repairs, diagnostics, maintenance of refrigeration and freezing cabinets, including the repair of wine cabinets Polair, Derby, Foinox, Helkama, Vestfrost, Igloo, Inter, Vinosafe, Vintagekeeper, WineSystems, Dometic, IP-Industrie, Italfrost , Desmon, Northland, Ilsa, Studio54, Movilfrit, Climadiff, Liebherr, Transtherm, Eurocave, Ellemme, VinoSafe, Armarios, Bodega, OAK, for storing all kinds of products.

We will perform a professional refrigeration or freezer repair. If necessary, refill freon, replace the compressor, fan or microprocessor. The mechanics always have processing materials and main spare parts: compressors, microprocessors, fans, filters, freon and other components necessary for the repair of your refrigerating cabinet, and therefore the restoration of the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment, as a rule, occurs on the day of service-call. Work of any complexity is carried out urgently, on the spot, at any time convenient for you, without transportation of equipment to the facility.

Server Service company will help you quickly and efficiently install cold storage cabinets, repair and service the commercial refrigeration equipment, quickly, efficiently and at a low price. In any form of payment (cash/bank transfer)

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