Nobody wants to stay in hot summer or cold winter without hot water. Therefore, the installation of an electric water heater, sometimes called boilers, is now one of the most popular services in Tashkent. Many service centers offer the installation of water heaters for a fairly high price, stipulating this by the fact that only their connection will give a unique guarantee.

Specialists of “SERVER-SERVICE” company are ready to carry out all measures for the installation of electric water heaters associated with the installation of electrical equipment in a short time with guarantees of quality and reliability.

Our company offers an operative and quality service for the installation and connection of electric water heaters of all types of imported production. At each stage (orders acceptance, clarification of all details and final cost of works, production and commissioning of equipment), you will be accompanied by courteous and qualified employees – operator, master, engineer.

Electric water heaters come have following types: flowing water heaters, storage water heaters, flow-accumulating water heaters.

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Electric flowing water heaters

In flowing water heaters, water heats up as it enters the heating element. When installing a flow – through water heater of this type, do not forget to check network voltage  – it must comply with the requirements in manual instruction. You must install a separate outlet. The temperature of the heated water must not exceed 35°C. Connect the water pipes manually. For possibility of disconnecting the heater from  power, provide for each phase replaceable fuses or an input switch with an insulating distance between contacts of at least 3 mm.

Electric storage water heaters (boilers)

A large volume of water is heated in storage water heaters. The main feature of a storage water heater is a tank in which a water heater accumulates hot water. Water  comes from water pipe under pressure into the tank and gradually fills it, and then heats up.

Install storage water heater near water point. Make sure that there are no low temperatures in the room. Stopcocks are installed for installing storage of water heater in hot and cold water system, flexible hoses are connected to them. Then  safety valve is installed from the overpressure, from which it is necessary to drain the water into sewer. When the storage water heater is connected to the mains, an automatic device or an RCD with an appropriate power rating of the connected device is installed in the switchboard.

Electric flow-storage water heaters (water heaters of mixed type)

Flow water heaters heat water three times faster than storage water heaters. Such water heaters (mixed type) are recommended to be used in a stable head of water. If  pressure in the water supply system is low, it will not be enough to cope with hot water counteraction force, density of which is higher than cold water, and your flow water heater will work as an ordinary boiler. It will not be possible to use it in the stream.

The electric water heater can be installed under the sink, and above the sink. The connection diagram of water heater in both cases is indicated in enclosed instruction.

Above sink, electric water heater is installed using brackets and a fixing screw. Then it is fixed with connecting pipes to water-fittings and to the device. The nozzles can be fixed with the help of nuts with a seal. Do not forget to check the tightness of all connections.

Installation of the electric water heater under the sink is carried out as well as in the case of installation above sink. Then, if your water heater is open, it is necessary to install pressure valves on washbasin for it. To do this, connect  tee to cold water corner tap, connect the connection pipes. For closed type devices, connect the water heater to the water tap according to the instructions – using a corner tap of cold water.

After installing and connecting an electric water heater, a specialist of “SERVER-SERVICE” company will advise you how to use your electric heater more competently, help you to understand the control system of the device.