Ventilation and air-conditioning systems in restaurants and cafes have a great importance. The owner strives to create a unique comfort and coziness. Engineering takes not only the role of providing the nominal values for temperature, but a wider range of requirements for organization of particular microclimate.

Such features of restaurants and cafes as a smoking hall and production department impose not only specific regulatory requirements, but also the need to search for original technical solutions, as well as the application of certain technological developments.

SKN Group of Companies specializes in designing, assembling, commissioning, and also servicing both exclusive restaurants and chain restaurants and cafes. By the way, maintenance of network facilities has its own specifics. The contract for maintenance subscription of ventilation and air conditioning includes not only periodic maintenance of the equipment in good condition, but also prompt response in case of malfunctions and accidents at certain points.

Server Service company will help you to design the ventilation of restaurants, cafes, bars, install ventilation systems for the kitchen, as well as regularly carry out scheduled preventive maintenance of ventilation systems.

Our masters have a lot of experience in the field of these works, and will be able to quickly and professionally install ventilation systems for swimming pools and other types of premises.
Also in ventilation system, you can build in air heating systems, which will maintain the optimum air temperature at any time of the year.

The cost of developing an air-conditioning and ventilation project depends on numerous factors and is determined strictly on an individual basis for each client.
To get a full, high-quality and well-considered calculation of ventilation systems, contact Server Service.

Take advantage of services of professionals from Server Service company, and you will not regret it!!!