Our company has been involved in water pumps for many years, we have accumulated great experience and knowledge in this field which helps us to solve any problems.

Today we offer a new service to our company installing inverters for water pumps – this is very complex process that should only be done by qualified professionals such as our employees. When installing the inverter system in conjunction with water carrier, it is necessary to properly install equipment, pressure sensors, and correctly connect everything, any even a minor error can lead to the whole system not working.

Principle of water pump operating

Typically, water pumps are installed to receive groundwater in those regions where there is no central water supply.

Water pumps react only to 2 commands: “turn on” and “turn off”. When you turn the tap, the pump starts to run and supply water, when you close the tap, the pump stops working.

In industrial sector and places with a large number of water consumers install pumps of high power, or a few not very powerful pumps. If you install a powerful water pump designed for 50 cranes or at least 20 and turn on the water only in 1 place, then the entire water supply system can break, because when you turn on 1 tap, the pump turns on and pumps needed water for 20-50 cranes.

What are advantages of an inverter water pump in front of conventional one?

The inverter allows to control the number of revolutions of water pump engine and, accordingly, the pressure of incoming water. If one tap is turned on, the pressure sensor is triggered and the pump starts to work, only not at full capacity, but as much as it takes to supply one point with water. If water is turned on at several points or all at once, then using the pressure sensors, the inverter determines the required power, and the water pump delivers the required amount of water.

In the domestic sphere, the inverter does not need water deposition, since for one or two cranes the change in pressure does not play a big role, however for industrial facilities inverters are simply necessary.

Many enterprises install several water pumps, which requires a very high cost of equipment. Some of them put a single water pump and just simply pour some of  water into sewer or on the street, which is very wasteful. Our company offers services for installing water pumps with inverters – this is the most economical system against the background of other options.

Inverter installing for water pump in Tashkent

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