Server Service company offers services in design of heating systems in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan.

We carry out design of any heating system:kotelnaja

  • Solar heating
  • Gas heating
  • Heating by heat pumps (heat in winter is taken from ground or water)
  • For more details about heating types, you may learn from following section  of our site.

Our specialists are highly qualified and can prepare a heating project both for small houses and offices and for large facilities such as shopping centers, sports complexes, office buildings, production facilities, etc.


Our company has many advantages that make our company one of the strongest in Uzbekistan in the field of heating systems.

  • We employ qualified designers who will competently develop any project of any heating system. All features of building, climatic features of region, requirements of CNaR and wishes of customers are taken into account.
  • Our company employs specialists of different profiles, we can offer a full range of services for equipping buildings with heat: design, installation and even delivery of equipment.
  • We work with both heating systems and air conditioning, and ventilation. The best and most economical option is to install a heating system in conjunction with ventilation. Supply air is heated in winter and cooled in summer, and air of comfortable temperature is delivered to the room at any time of the year. This option is not only economical. But also practical, because there is no need to purchase heating batteries and air conditioners, and outwardly such a system looks more attractive, because it is not visible at all, only loopholes through which air enters the room.
  • The price for designing a heating system depends on many factors and is determined individually. However, we can say for sure that designing a project and installing heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems in a single system will cost you more expensive than if you install these systems separately.
  • Our company provides any services for equipping buildings with heating both separate (only design or only installation), and in a complex (turnkey).
  • We guarantee the quality of design, installation and other services provided by our specialists and fully bear all warranty obligations. Turning to our company you can be sure that heating system will fully cope with its task and will work for many years.
  • We do not overestimate prices and we have a system of discounts for regular and large customers.

Heating plays an important role in our life and therefore it is very important that the heating system does not just work, but works well, consumes a minimum of energy for a long time. This is exactly what our company offers. Designing of such heating systems in Uzbekistan you will find only at our place!

If you need to design and install a heating system, call our company and you will be satisfied with the result. (+998 70) 202-01-32 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or  at any convenient for you time.


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