Installation of ice machines does not require any special technical conditions. The main thing is to fulfill it correctly. The pressure in water pipe must be in the range 0.1 … 0.6 mPa (1-6 atm.).
Between water pipe and inlet hose of ice maker there must be installed a valve for emergency stop of water supply and mechanical filter. The latter must be periodically inspected and cleaned. If used water is stiff, it is recommended to use a softener.
Ice makers do not have a drain pump, but they also require a connection to sewage system. The water is drained by gravity (except for ice-type ice-makers, which do not require connection to water and sewage systems).

Requirements for connecting the ice maker to electricity

Ice makers, depending on model and capacity, can be connected to the network both on 220 and 380 V. The electrical wiring at installation site must correspond to  maximum electrical capacity of ice maker. For safe installation of ice maker, it is necessary to have a circuit breaker in the network. The connection must be carried out by licensed specialists in accordance with standards and rules of REDI. The network must be equipped with modern means of protection against voltage surges and an increase in leakage current.

Water softening

Stationary ice maker requires connection to water supply network. Since the water quality standards in our country and in Europe differ from each other, it is recommended to use special filters and water softeners, as additional equipment to  ice maker. Water softeners and filters will significantly improve the quality of “incoming” water and, accordingly, ice.
If you decide to contact service center of the company, which specializes in the installation, starting-up, warranty repair and maintenance of professional process equipment, you need to make sure that the company has a license for installation works, as well as certificates for service from equipment manufacturers.
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