Тепловые завесы DefenderDEFENDER – this modern air curtain allows you to create a protective barrier at the entrance to the building. During the heating season it protects from cold air, and in summer – from dust, products of combustion of fuel, wind and insects. The use of the curtain allows you to leave doors open in room even under adverse weather conditions. At the same time, the required thermal comfort inside the facility is maintained. The use of a veil is not only a protective barrier, but also an additional source of heat in the room.

DEFENDER, in a new aesthetic body, was designed by the best designers using the latest technology. The curtain is manufactured in three sizes (1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m) with a water or electric heater.

DEFENDER WHN water heater

  • High efficiency of diametrical fan
  • Safe and automatic operation
  • Wide range of heating power

DEFENDER EHN with electric heater

  • Safe and automatic work
  • Overheating protection
  • Self-regulating heaters with high heating capacity.

Server Service company supplies ventilation equipment from VTS Corporation. Specialists of this service center will produce quality equipment and subsequent repair and preventive maintenance.

 DEFENDER catalogue

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