Fan coil unit is an essential component of industrial air conditioning system, the functions of which are similar to indoor unit of convenient air conditioner. The equipment is installed indoor and is able to serve large floor areas.

Number of fan coil units in one room depends on the floor area. The larger room, the more fan coil units are necessary for creation of favorable microclimate.

What type of fan coil unit to buy?

Depending on the inner design, fan coil units are divided into two and four-pipes. The first ones are used only for cooling, the second ones perform both cooling and heating functions.

There are several types of fan coil units, each of which has advantages.

Cassette type is mounted in the hung ceiling. Advantages – hidden installation, noiseless operation, even distribution of air flow.

Channel fan coil unit like the previous one is also mounted in hung ceiling. They are typically installed in offices and shopping complexes. The main function of fan coil unit is supply and purification of outdoor air.

Floor-ceiling fan coil units. The equipment features are ultrafine body, ease of installation and the ability to control fans rotation speed. Fan coil units of this type are installed both in vertical and horizontal position.

Floor fan coil units are typically installed in narrow rooms on the floor near the wall.

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Sale of fan coil units

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