Preventive maintenance of chillers and fancoils. Comfortable microclimate plays an important role for productivity and prosperity of any enterprise. “Chiller-fancoil” system is often used for creation of favorable atmosphere in large enterprises.

Chillers are the powerful refrigeration installation, in which the water is performed the function of the coolant. Chillers need a regular maintenance as any high tech equipment. Preventive maintenance and elimination of minor malfunctions allow to avoid serious problemsYou will also extend the service life of your equipment.

How often must be carried out the maintenance?

The frequency of carrying out of preventive maintenance depends on the conditions in which the equipment operates. If fancoils are installed in the premises with a high level of air pollution, the maintenance must be carried out one time per quarter.

Preventive maintenance of chillers and fancoils

Preventive maintenance is a full range of procedures: visual inspection, cleaning, adjustment and system check. Specialists must carry out the following services:

  • Check electrical connections, sensors, pipelines and main units;
  • Check the voltage of consumption current, quality and level of coolant, balanced valves and isolation valves;
  • Test the fans operability, compressors, electromagnetic valves, temperature sensors, protection and self-diagnostic systems;
  • Eliminate high vibration of compressors and fans;
  • Test the equipment operation in different modes;
  • Carry out the calibration of temperature and pressure sensors. List of services also includes laying of electrical contacts and refueling with working liquid;
  • Clean the tube-type heat exchanger, fans, drain system, air and water filters;
  • Carry out a careful cleaning of vent manifold.

Specialists of “Server Service” Company will carry out a high quality preventive maintenance. They will inspect the equipment for corrosion formation and fixation of internal panels. Our masters also eliminate noise and vibration,as well as refuel the system.

Advantages of long term contract

Conclusion of contract with the reliable service center is the best way to avoid any problems of the climatic equipment operation. When choosing the service center, please pay attention to the experience and qualification of the specialists and guarantee obligations.

“Server Service” Company has been engaged in all necessary services of climatic equipment for many years. We value our reputation and respect our clients. Therefore, high quality maintenance of chillers is the primary task. We carry out high quality services and provide a warranty certificate for all implemented services. Do you want to create favorable atmosphere in your office, enterprise or summer cottage? Just call us!