VRV (VRF) systems are the necessary equipment in large enterprises. Thanks to large number of internal modules, it is able to create a comfortable microclimate in several rooms simultaneously.

Multizone air conditioning system is the equipment that need a regular maintenance. Timely diagnostics and malfunctions elimination will help to avoid serious consequences. It in turn provides a trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Common problems

  • There is no connection between units. Large length of interconnecting pipework lead to loss of contacts;
  • Freon leak. One of the most common causes of low cooling capacity;
  • Incorrect installation. For example, incorrect pipeline laying, union soldering and calculation of coolant, as well as low quality cables isolation;
  • Natural wear. In this case you will not avoid financial expenses, as control board, filters, compressor, fan and other parts are very expensive;
  • Incorrect operation seldom leads to serious malfunction. However, it is necessary to carry out a complete diagnostics of the whole system;
  • System pollution. In this case it is necessary to carry out the cleaning of filters, drain system, heat exchangers. As a rule, it leads to unpleasant odor, low efficiency and noise level.

High quality elimination of any malfunctions

The repair of VRV (VRF) systems is a complex operation. That’s why it must be implemented only by specialists. Only in this case you can rely on high quality and professional services. “Server Service” Company are high qualified and experienced specialists in the field of conditioning systems. We also provide a guarantee for all implemented services.

Conclude a long-term contract with our company and you will save your money and time. You can be sure that such expensive equipment will not break down. Our specialists will take care of friendly environment in your enterprise, office, country house.

There are error codes of VRF systems in this link.

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