Wall-mounted boilers are more aesthetic, technological and component. The absence of a special room for boiler room dictates the wall-mounted boilers the main features: compactness, stylish appearance, built-in pumps and boilers, safety groups, etc. Whereas for floor boilers such devices are connected separately.

The technical complexity of wall-mounted boilers also includes their lacks. Due to  compactness and “charging” of boiler with various built-in equipment, wall-mounted boilers are less reliable and maintainable (average service life is 5-12 years). The power of wall-mounted boilers does not exceed 30-35 kW, which once again indicates their focus on heating small houses and premises.

Boiler location must meet requirements of regulatory documents and provide free access for maintenance. Fastener is used for hanging wall-mounted boilers, corresponding boiler weight. In order to connect boiler to electricity it is necessary to use a separate line with its own circuit breaker. The boiler must be earthed. When you connect the boiler to heating system, water supply, gas supply, it is necessary to install a stop valve and a strainer on return line of heating circuit.

If you use a traditional chimney to remove combustion products from gas boiler, it is recommended to make a stainless steel chimney, minimize the length of horizontal sections and install a cleaning and condensate collector.

A gas boiler is a device for obtaining heat energy for rooms heating (facilities) and for various purposes, water heating for household and other purposes, by burning gaseous fuels. Today, in many regions, gas is the most preferred type of fuel due to its basic qualities: cheapness, economy, ease of use and availability gas boilers automation.

Principle of boilers operation is that when the gas is supplied to the boiler, an electric ignition is switched on. Igniter ignites from a spark, which always burns. Gas supply  to burner with a non-lit igniter is inadmissible due to the possibility of gas explosion.  The main burner lights up from igniter, it heats coolant in boiler to temperature set by the thermostat, after which the automation switches off the burner. When temperature   drops in boiler, the temperature sensor (thermocouple) commands the valve to open the gas supply, and the burner ignites again.

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