Server Service Company is engaged in supply and installation of equipment for refrigerating stores in Uzbekistan, as well as repairs and maintenance of refrigeration stores.

We have (in stock) quality sets of equipment for refrigeration stores for sale. The set of equipment includes:

  • External compressor unit in a protective casing with a German Bitzer compressor, with R22 freon.
  • Internal air cooler.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve for air cooler.
  • Switchboard.

Cooling stores are used for cooling and storing food products, some pharmaceuticals, etc. The main components of refrigerating stores are: enclosure, compressors, evaporators, condensers, refrigerant, control panel. There is also a huge amount of auxiliary equipment, which is optional, but significantly improves the operation of the refrigerating store or cold store consisting of several refrigerating stores.


Body of refrigerating room is traditionally made of sandwich panels. Structurally, they are of two plates of galvanized steel with a protective coating of p/e, inner space between two plates is filled with a durable thermal insulation material – polyurethane foam. Sandwich panels are clinging to each other fittings or lock joints. They are strong enough, therefore no skeleton is required for small rooms, there is enough rigidity of sandwich panels themselves, but for large rooms it is necessary to have an iron skeleton, where panels are subsequently attached.

The thickness of the panels can be from 60 to 200 mm, depending on the size of the camera and temperature regime. For a medium-temperature store (+5 – 0°C) of medium size, sandwich panels of thickness 70-85 mm are used. For stores with a temperature regime up to -18 °C, panels of 100-120 mm thickness are used, and panels with a width of 150-200 mm are used for cold rooms with a temperature of -20 to -40°C.


Floor for refrigerating room with a storage mode below 0°C, must necessarily be insulated. As insulation, foam plastic can be used, on top of which a moisture-resistant coating and sheet metal of various thicknesses are installed, depending on the forthcoming load.


Doors for refrigerating camera can be swinging or sliding, the swing doors can be single or double-wing and income with the box, so they are easy to assemble.

Sealing rubber is used for installation of sliding doors, therefore special heaters are installed, and for freezing rubber prevention. Foam or polyurethane foam can be used as a heat insulator for doors of refrigerating rooms.

Refrigerating Machine

Refrigerating machine consists of refrigeration unit, air cooler, a hydraulic and electrical automation:

Refrigeration unit is installed outside of refrigerating compartment and can be located up to 20 m away from camera body. It consists of compressor, condenser and a receiver, which are interconnected by pipelines.

The compressor is needed to compress and feed refrigerant vapor into condenser. The compressor provides circulation of freon in refrigeration system. It is the compressor that determines capacity and level of electricity consumption of  refrigeration unit.

The condenser cools the refrigerant, removes heat from it by assisted with air flow. When the temperature is lowered, the coolant passes from gaseous state to the liquid state (condenses) and enters the air cooler. The condenser is a kind of radiator, consisting of copper pipes inside of which it circulates the refrigerant, copper or aluminum fins and fans that create an airflow.

Rate of heat transfer in condenser depends on many factors: difference in temperature between the ambient air and the coolant, fan blowing speed, and much more. Experts of our company will help you to find a condenser in Uzbekistan.

Air cooler

Air cooler is installed inside of camera and cools the air, blowing it with a fan through a coil of copper pipes along which the coolant circulates. Air cooler is an aggregate that provides heat exchange between camera and environment. The refrigerant evaporates in air-cooler, taking away heat from the air in the camera, and flows into the compressor for suction. Air coolers are used to remove heat from the room, and also serve to freeze food in the refrigerator compartment. There are many modifications of such devices. You can buy an air cooler in Uzbekistan.

“Server Service” company is engaged in construction of refrigerating cameras and warehouses, and delivers equipment and components for the construction of refrigeration cameras. If you need quality equipment for cold stores in Uzbekistan – please, contact us!

Our company carries out the construction of refrigerated cameras with steam-humidification and regulated gas sphere (CA system). Here you will find any equipment for refrigerating cameras in Uzbekistan.