Everyone knows that even the most high-quality equipment, although rare, but still can get out of order. This is due to the wear of parts during prolonged usage. Repair of any refrigeration equipment must be trusted only to professionals.

Central refrigerating plants are called aggregates consisting of several compressors. Compressors are placed on a metal frame. Their number is always even. Centrals are installed mainly in supermarkets, cold stores, enterprises specializing in food industry and in other buildings in need of air conditioning or cold supply. Refrigeration units allow artificially to cool and maintain a minus air temperature.

Standard central refrigerating plant consists of:

1. Compressor-condenser or compressor-receiver unit, which includes:

  1. Piston, spiral or screw compressors;
  2. Air-cooled condenser;
  3. Blower fan;
  4. Liquid receiver;
  5. Vibration damper;
  6. Drying filter;
  7. pressure switch;
  8. A filter for suction;
  9. oil catcher;
  10. Oil separator;
  11. sight glass;
  12. Differential valve;
  13. oil filter;
  14. Stop valves;
  15. Manometers.

2. Control panel

Causes of central refrigerating plants breakage

Ремонт холодильной централи в ТашкентеRefrigeration units, like any equipment, need periodic technical inspection. Timely inspection will avoid serious breakdowns. After all, even the smallest breakdown can lead to major breakdowns and failures, repair of which means high costs.

Generally, refrigeration units, very rarely get out of order. In general, compressors break down. This can happen if the installation was originally performed incorrectly. It creates unnecessary loads and overheating, which in turn, acting on the compressor, lead to rapid wear. That’s why there are breakages and malfunctions.

Another reason may be unprofessional intervention. In principle, the refrigeration central works completely automatically, and does not require reconfiguration. If the failure does occur, then you should entrust its removal only to a specialized firm or campaign that will give a guarantee for all types of work done and conclude a long-term contract with you for maintenance and repair.

Our company provides services only experienced professionals. We carry out qualitative diagnostics, repair and subsequent maintenance. We know that quickly and qualitatively carried out repair of refrigeration control panels will save you from big production problems, and as a result – losses from damaged products.

Refrigeration panels have a large capacity and dimensions. If problems arise in the work, it is necessary to establish the cause of fault correctly, to find out all the elements that need the replacing. Such laborious and responsible work should be trusted only by sufficiently qualified specialists.

Our company provides following services:

  • Installation of cooling stores
  • Repair of central refrigerating plants
  • Design of cooling systems
  • Preventive measure of refrigeration equipment

We guarantee excellent quality, high efficiency and the ability to conclude contracts for service and maintenance.

Our company is ready to quickly come for help if you need high-quality diagnostics and repair of refrigeration control panels. Our specialists will take even the most difficult breakdown and will give a guarantee for all done work. Turning to our campaign, you will receive qualitatively and promptly conducted diagnostics and repairs. And our prices, you will be pleasantly surprised.