Today, natural gas is the cheapest and affordable type of fuel. Modern gas boiler combines the simplicity of operation and the possibility of automation of the heating system. Automation of the heating system allows maintaining the appropriate temperature regime in the premises, depending on the needs and temperature of the outside air, which, in turn, leads to energy savings. It should also be noted that, under the conditions of proper operation, the gas hot-water boiler has a longer service life in comparison with liquid-fueled and solid-fuel boilers. This is due to the fact that the heating surfaces of the gas boiler are less exposed to corrosion and contamination by combustion products.

The boiler is the main element of the modern heating system, designed to produce heat energy for heating and hot water supply of buildings, structures, premises.

Conditionally, all boilers, depending on fuel type, can be divided into four types:



Repair of boiler equipment must be carried out exactly at the time specified in the accompanying documentation. Repairs of all equipment, as well as boiler’s repair house automation, must be performed by trained specialists who have special permits for such work.

As practice shows, approximately 70 percent of all problems arise because of incorrect operation. In this case, even the most high-end and expensive equipment goes out of operation and most often, this happens unexpectedly. The reason is that people often forget that complex systems need timely maintenance, as well as careful care.
In the event of an emergency situation, qualified specialists have to perform emergency repairs of boiler equipment, in the event of gas boiler accident it is necessary to immediately contact the repair service. Here are some signs that indicate that it’s time to seek help from specialists:
• With reduced efficiency, increased fuel consumption becomes noticeable.
• Increased soot formation was noted.
• The gas began to penetrate into the room, the traction deteriorated significantly.
• The vapor pressure is too low, the water stops heating up required temperature.
• Redness or deformation of any element occurred.
• There was a strong noise
• The temperature of exhaust gases has become too high.
All attempts to repair it by yourself can lead to new defects or breakages, and in some cases to an emergency situation. You can not save on quality adjustment, only a specialist can accurately determine the site of the problem, as well as accurately and qualitatively correct it.
In addition, it is necessary to understand that during the repair, the approved safety rules must be observed, which ensure the safety of entire house’s heating system. With an independent attempt, you can simply not notice the first signs of danger, which can lead to a fire or explosion.

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