Recuperation or heat recovery is the process in the result of which waste heat is recovered from exhausted gases. Recuperator is used to reclaim this heat back, in order to recycle it. In summer the recuperator prevents entering hot air into the room. This allows to save financial expanses for heating and cooling.

Recuperation is typically found in supply and exhaust ventilation systems providing that it has heat exchanger.

Server Service Company supplies the market of Uzbekistan with recuperators for input-exhaust ventilation system. Moreover, we colloborate with an aknowledged leader in the field of climate control and ventilation equipment in China – TICA Company. Recuperators from TICA Company are characterized by high efficiency, compact size and stable operation in any conditions.

However, if you want to order recuperators of other manufacturer, we are ready to help. For more detailed information, call us: (70) 202-01-32.

Ventilation system with recuperation: advantages

  • ability to control supply and removal of air;
  • high efficient operation;
  • economical operation.

Compact size of ventilation with recuperation simplifies installation works and maintenance service.

When choosing, pay attention to the following points:

  • performance;
  • efficiency of ventilation recuperator;
  • cost of system service;
  • material and thickness of the body;
  • fans flow;
  • volume of air.

If you can’t make a right choice, contact us. Our specialists will help you to select a suitable model.

What types of recuperators you can buy from us?

Recuperators are divided into domestic and industrial. You can order from us industrial recuperators of two types:

  • standard recuperators for input-exhaust ventilation;
  • recuperators for input-exhaust ventilation with double heating element.

Mentioned above models of recuperators are typically installed in administrative, commercial and industrial buildings.

We provide guarantee of quality for all products offered by our company, so recuperators from our company will create and maintain a favorable microclimate in the room for many years.

Professional installation plays an important role. Improper installation leads to reduction of performance or malfunction of the whole system. In order to avoid such unpleasant consequences, make use of professional services of highly qualified specialists with a great experience in the field of conditioning and ventilation system.

Server Service Company offers services for design of climate control equipment, installation of industrial air conditioners, air ducts, heating boilers and other special-purpose equipment.

In order to know more about our services, call us: (70) 202-01-32.

Our catalogue presents different models of recuperators offered by our company.