Server Service company provides a range of services for design and installation of air conditioning systems in Uzbekistan.

A number of companies provide air conditioning system design services in Tashkent, our advantage is that in our company you can order other services also, for example,  supply of equipment and its installation. We have a professional team of specialists of different profiles. This help to avoid small errors and shortcomings that you may face in a firm with narrow profile.

The best specialists work with us

When assembling air conditioning systems according to customer’s projects, we often face minor defects, which can be seen only by installers. There are also cases when equipment or processed materials prescribed in estimate of project, which can not be found. They are either very rare or not produced types since the time of the Soviet Union.

When ordering air-conditioning system project in Server Service, you can be sure that there will be no mistakes and faults. Specialists of Server Service Company are professionals with extensive experience, who will develop a plan for the air conditioning system. We bear all responsibility for the projects carried out by our specialists and guarantee the effectiveness of these systems, of course, provided competent installation by specialists.

We supply climatic equipment

Cooperation with many foreign manufacturers of climate equipment allows us to design air conditioning systems taking into account all modern developments in this field. We recommend only high-quality equipment with minimum energy consumption, so that you carry as little as possible costs while operating air conditioning system.

We can provide services for supply of industrial climate equipment: chillers, precision and central air conditioners, multi-zone VRV/VRF systems, etc. Uzbekistan does not produce industrial climate equipment and most companies sell it under the order, what is supplied to Uzbekistan only after your order. Equipment delivery services can be provided by our company. We will select and supply the equipment from proven manufacturers as products of which we are sure. Our company gives a guarantee for the products supplied by our company, we independently bear all warranty obligations.

We give a guarantee and bear all warranty obligations

The indisputable advantage of ordering the entire range of services for the implementation of air conditioning in one company is a guarantee. What means, it is not important for what kind of reason there will be a malfunction with the air-conditioning system, it will be answered by one company. And if you order all services in different companies, it is possible that they will blame each other, sellers of installers, installers of designers, designers of poor-quality equipment and so on.

Here you can get big discounts!

The advantage of our company is in executor, when ordering a package of services you will get a good discount. If you order an air conditioning system project and supply equipment from us, then we will give you discounts on installation work. In addition, we also provide discounts for the maintenance of equipment that our company supplies and installes.

As you can see the reasons for choosing our company are many. We guarantee that cooperation with our company will bring good results. We carry out the design of air conditioning systems in Tashkent and throughout Uzbekistan.

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