THE electric boilers heat energy is transferred from THE to heat carrier. THE – is tubular electric heater. THE device is shown on diagram:

Device of tubular electric heater

As can be seen in diagram, THE consists of copper or steel tube filled with filler, which acts as a dielectric and a thermal conductor between tube’s spiral and wall.  Heating coil is pressed inside of tube, which has a large electrical resistivity, where an electric current is supplied. Spiral is heated to a temperature of 1200-1500°C, thereby creating a surface temperature of up to 800°C.

Device and principle of operation of THE electric boiler are shown in diagram.

Device and principle of THE electric boiler operation

Principle of THE electric boiler

operation is quite simple and means that TEN under electric current influence heats up and transfers heat to heat carrier. The heating medium is supplied to the boiler by circulation pump. Boilers of this type are equipped with automatic air blowers.



Advantages of boilers with electric heating tubes
  • This type of electric boiler is the most electrically safe in comparison with other types of electric boilers, THEs do not have an electrical connection with heat carrier – spiral is located inside of tube. This type of boiler can use protective boiler devices. Boiler output is relatively constant, because it is determined by power voltage, and therefore changes only when power voltage is changed.
  • Boiler power does not depend on type and coolant temperature.
  • Implementation of power control (step-wise or smooth) allows minimizing voltage surges in electrical network that occur when boiler is switched on and off.
  • This type of electric boilers does not require water conditioning by electrical conductivity. Antifreeze or water can be used as a coolant.
  • Modern models of electric heating boilers have a design, due to which failure of one boiler will continue to function.
  • Boilers can work on overheated water. Superheat temperature is determined only by  pressure where boiler body is designed.
  • This type of boiler is easy to maintain, because it does not require specific knowledge of electrical water conductivity.
Disadvantages of boilers with electric heating tubes
  • Short service life;
  • High cost of heating boilers, due to use of expensive materials (nichrome, stainless steel), exceeding cost of electrode boilers with similar parameters;
  • Practice has shown that domestic heaters with scale increase in more than 3 mm, there is a significant deterioration in heater cooling and the latter burns out. Thus, in order to extend heaters life, it becomes necessary to use a variety of water softeners (such as magnetic resonators) or to use prepared (or distilled) water in heating system, which leads to a significant increase in heating cost.
  • Inability of THE repair when spiral burns. Also, in some models of boilers it is not possible to replace the heater, which leads to need of replacing the entire boiler when  heaters fail.
  • If automatic control system has boiler malfunctions, heater fails due to overheating. In order to avoid heaters overheating in the event of automation malfunction, newer versions of electric boilers provided for both main and backup circuits and emergency protection devices.

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