Refrigerated cabinets (regalia). Regardless of cooling slide type, manufacturer, type of construction, the device can not work a long time. Partial or complete failure of nodes and mechanisms is inevitable. Most often it is required replacement of thermostatic ventilators, electric evaporators, thermostats, pressure switches, electric condenser fans.

1 3In terms of complexity, the repair of cooling hills is comparable to adjustment of other commercial equipment that produces artificial cold. After identifying cause of the failure, the specialist eliminates mechanical and electrical faults, replacing the failed components. Repair work is usually carried out on site. Only in particularly difficult cases it is necessary to deliver to service center, where the repair of cooling slides will be carried out using stationary special equipment.

During the diagnostics, the specialists not only find out malfunction cause, but also determine the expediency of further repairs. For example, the cost of eliminating such a defect, as damage of pipeline and getting into the system of a refrigeration showcase, is comparable to half of price of new equipment. Replacement or restoration of the main unit is another expensive procedure. Based on the diagnostic results, the decision is made to repair the cooling slides or compose an act of culling and write off the out-of-service equipment.

Our company works in the field of services for repair of commercial equipment in Tashkent and Tashkent region. One of the specializations is the servicing of industrial refrigeration equipment. But our specialists are ready not only to restore the working capacity of systems responsible for producing cold, but also to replace the broken glass windows, to eliminate other mechanical damages.

Specialists of our company have a large experience in the field of commercial refrigeration equipment, so repairing of cooling slide (regal) will not leave much work for them.

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