Navien is a company that is one of the largest Korean manufacturers of household energy technology. The share of Navien company accounts is slightly more than 80% of sales, not only in the territory of the manufacturer, but also in other countries. Navien boilers produced by company are practically inferior to leaders in production of heating equipment.

“Server Service” company sells NAVIEN heating boilers on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Navien boilers are available in 5 different power versions in three colors: white (Navien Ace White), silver (Navien Ace Silver) and gold (Navien Ace Gold), with capacity of hot water supply system (at t=+25°C) from 13,8 to 20.1 l/min.

Navien Ace Turbo wall gas boilers

Navien Ace Turbo boilers – are two-circuit heating boilers that perform the function of heating the room and equipping with hot water.

Navien Ace heating boilers can have a capacity from 10 to 35 kW and can heat rooms up to 350 m2. Both functions are carried out in a shared boiler but using two separated circulation rings.

This boiler in its work has the priority of hot water before heating.

NAVIEN Ace ATMO wall gas boilers

Navien Ace Atmo are boilers from popular Navien Ace series, the only difference is in its design, Navien Ace Atmo boilers have an open combustion camera, with chimney which is necessary for its operation. Therefore, the boiler of this brand is best installed in a private house where the presence of chimney is provided initially or its installation will not bring any particular inconvenience.

All other functions of Navien Ace Atmo boiler are identical to the entire range of Navien Ace boilers.

Navien KDB (GA)/GST floor gas boilers

Two-circuit floor Navien gas boilers of KDB-150/200/300 GA series are an ideal choice for those who chose a gas boiler in the outdoor installation. Navien KDB/GST heating boilers have relatively small dimensions and weight for such equipment. The objects of gas combustion are emitted either through the existing chimney or directly through the wall.

Stylish design and the ability to fully work both with voltage drops and low water pressure, makes these boilers very attractive for buyer.

Navien heating boilers of KDB/GST series can work on both natural and liquefied gas.

NAVIEN LST liquid fuel boiler

The main advantages of described products, including Navien Ace gas boiler, are:

  • Small weight, convenience and safety of operation;
    High efficiency even in extremely cold temperatures;
    Stable operation under reduced gas pressure;
    Excellent functioning in case of voltage fluctuations in electric network;
  • Equipment of boilers with automatic system, protecting from defrosting;
    Possibility of hot water using, despite the low pressure in water supply network;
    Heat exchanger made of stainless steel;
    Stable combustion and economical gas flow, guaranteed by supplied air pressure sensor;
    modern design;
    Acceptable price level.

Navien GTD/GPD gas boilers

High quality and security
Котлы имеют защиту от низкого уровня воды, от перебоев подачи топлива, от снижения тяги выхлопных газов, от перегрева и др. Качество сборки и внешний вид являются лучшими в Корее.

GTD series are made of stainless steel, which significantly reduces the weight of boilers, the ease of transportation and installation of the boiler, while the boiler’s durability is proved by many years of operation in various parts of the world.

GPD series are made of heat-resistant high-quality steel. The manufacture of boilers of this capacity in stainless steel is very expensive. However, in terms of service life and other technical characteristics, these boilers are not inferior to any other boilers and are distinguished by simplicity, reliability, excellent price.


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