Steam is used in a variety of industrial processes and for its production, a steam generator is inevitably needed.

An industrial steam generator, or steam boiler (which is generally the same) produces steam, heating the water till boiling point. In order to obtain the steam necessary for the production of temperature (for industrial processes, steam is usually used at a temperature of 130-180°C), the heating of the water takes place at an elevated pressure, depending on the pressure exerted on the heated liquid, the temperature of its boiling.


Steam temperature, °С Absolute pressure, bar Steam volume, m3/kg Vapor density, kg/m3 Heat of vaporization, kcal/kg
90 °С 0,7 2,365 0,4229 545,5
93,5 °С 0,8 2,087 0,4792 543,2
96,7 °С 0,9 1,869 0,5350 541,2
99,6 °С 1,0 1,694 0,5904 539,3
111,4 °С 1,5 1,159 0,8628 531,8
120,2 °С 2,0 0,8854 1,129 525,9
127,4 °С 2,5 0,7184 1,392 521,0
133,5 °С 3,0 0,6056 1,651 516,7
138,9 °С 3,5 0,5240 1,908 512,9
143,6 °С 4,0 0,4622 2,163 509,5
147,9 °С 4,5 0,4138 2,417 506,3
151,8 °С 5,0 0,3747 2,669 503,4
158,8 °С 6,0 0,3155 3,170 498,0
164,9 °С 7,0 0,2727 3,667 493,3
170,4 °С 8,0 0,2403 4,162 488,8
175,4 °С 9,0 0,2148 4,655 484,8
179,9 °С 10 0,1943 5,147 481,0
184,1 °С 11 0,1774 5,637 477,4
188,0 °С 12 0,1632 6,127 473,9
191,6 °С 13 0,1511 6,617 470,8
195,0 °С 14 0,1407 7,106 467,7
198,3 °С 15 0,1317 7,596 464,7

Steam generators are used for:

Manufacturing of pressed materials, Such as particle board, mineral plate and various sandwich panels. A steam-heated press is used for producing of such materials (such presses are also often driven by steam pressure).


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Steam is used in the processing of wood. Steaming the wood before drying allows to significantly improve its quality – the flexibility of wood improves, which makes it possible to diversify its use in furniture production; Shrinkage, swelling and warping of wood is prevented, this is necessary in the manufacture of wood from a package board, window frames and many other products; Some wood species (such as walnut, oak, beech) after steaming acquire a more pronounced uniform color with a clearly visible texture.

Steam is also needed in production of paper and paperboard. At one stage of production, the paper mass is mixed with water and heated by steam, steam is needed for better absorption of paper mass of water and more evenly its swelling; Press with steam heating is used for wringing out excess moisture from formed paper.

Steam is used to heat production pipelines and tanks. Various chemical compounds and substances that change their properties under the influence of temperature are often used in production – it is more appropriate to use steam for heating such substances. Steam carries a lot of energy, which is easily delivered to heated substances – this facilitates rapid and uniform heating of the entire volume of substances.

In textile industry, it is difficult to do without steam. The steam is processed by  incoming fiber to the textile plant – it helps to simplify the carding process and increases safety (in the process of carding, the particles of fiber rub against each other, resulting in static electricity – if not moisten the fiber it can catch fire). Steam is used to heat the colorant during the coloring of finished fabric, if it is not done, the color quality will greatly decrease.

In production of natural silk, cocoons are treated with steam – it is necessary to soften sericin, a binder that fastens the cocoon.

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