“Server Service” Company has been working in the field of heating system for many years. As a large number of fruits and vegetables are grown all year round in Uzbekistan, the heating of greenhouses is one of the activities of our company.

There are many ways of greenhouses heating. It depends on many factors, for example size of greenhouse, type of products etc.

We provide a free consultation for selection of type of greenhouse heating. Our company offers services of design for warehouses heating, delivery of all necessary equipment and installation of greenhouses heating system.

Air heating of warehouses

Air heating is one of the common methods of greenhouses heating. This method of heating is suitable for regions where the soil doesn’t freeze in winter. This method of heating can be implemented in two ways:

  1. Installation of electric heaters which are sometimes called blow heaters. They consist of electric heater and fan with the help of which the equal air distribution is carried out. The defect of this system is high cost of operation because of high price of electric energy.
  2. Installation of air heating water system. It is necessary to install internal source of heat, for example heating boiler. Water and internal fan heaters will be heated with the help of this boiler. Fan heaters consist of heat exchanger and fan. This method is more popular due to low energy consumption.

Our company offers a full range of services of warehouses heating system. Such system of heating is suitable not only for greenhouses but also warehouses, production shops and other premises of a large area.

Soil heating

This method of heating is used with air heating of greenhouses in the regions with a very cold outside air temperature. So, it is necessary to carry out the laying of electric cables or hoses for hot water as underfloor heating type. Our specialists will install both electric and water heating system in the greenhouse.

Greenhouses heating from specialists of “Server Service” Company

Our specialists have a great experience in the field of heating system. Contacting our company, you can be sure of correct calculation and design of heating system. We provide the selection, delivery of high quality equipment from leading manufacturers at affordable prices.

High quality installation is a warranty of long and correct operation of the whole heating system. Therefore, contact only professional specialists who know everything about heating system.

 To choose and order the equipment for greenhouses heating you can here:

               Fan heaters                Water heater boilers             Soil electric heating