проектирование вытяжной вентиляции в УзбекистанеExhaust ventilation removes contaminated or heated exhaust air from the room (plant, bulk). In general, both exhaust and supply systems are provided in the room. Their performance should be balanced taking into account the possibility of air entering into or from adjacent rooms.

Only the exhaust ventilation system can be provided in the rooms. In this case, the removal of air from the room occurs forcibly, and the inflow – in a natural way through the door or window openings. Exhaust ventilation can be arranged in the workplace (local ventilation), or for the entire room (general ventilation).

Specialists of Server Service Company have an extensive knowledge and experience. That’s why we will design for you the reliable supply ventilation system, which will serve you for a long time. We design the ventilation both for separate premise (for example for small swimming pool or sport hall) and for large residential, industrial and office buildings.

For designing of supply ventilation systems we use the equipment of the famous world brands, such as: VTS, Belimo, Dospel, VBW, Ventrex and other brands.

Server Service Company not only design but also deliver the ventilation system to Uzbekistan. We also carry out the installation, maintenance and repair of ventilation systems.

We expect systems of increased complexity – for apartments, cottages, bars, restaurants, clubs, office space. Including – household and industrial systems with heat recovery, air humidification, air conditioning and air heating. All calculations are carried out taking into account external and internal factors and in accordance with CNaR.

Design of ventilation system includes the following stages:
  • Design of the general ventilation
  • Calculation of heat input for ventilation design
  • Requirements for ventilation design
  • Technical and economical requirements for ventilation design
  • Working project of ventilation system

There are regulatory documents for heating, ventilation and conditioning systems. One of the main such documents is construction norms and regulations 2.04.05-91 (2000) “Heating, ventilation and conditioning” and SNiP, indicating the necessary type of the building. Consumption and temperature of supply air for ventilation is designed in accordance with mandatory annex to SNiP 2.04.05-91 (2000) where the certain method of calculation is indicated. For example, for designing of administrative buildings ventilation is necessary to take into account SNiP 2.09.04-87, part 4 “Heating, ventilation and conditioning of the air”.

Thus, from 3 main sources, such as:

  1. Set of ventilation schemes known for this building
  2. Regulatory documents (SNiP and other documents)
  3. Specific customer’s requirements

– Principle scheme of premises ventilation and normative multiplicities are of air duct are deduced. Principle scheme of premises ventilation and normative multiplicities are of air duct are deduced.

Calculation of heat inputs for ventilation system
  • External heat loads occur outside of the room. They can be either positive or negative.
  • Internal heat loads created by people and machinery. On the contrary, they are always positive.
Requirements for the ventilation designing

It is necessary to take into account necessary points:

  • Sanitary requirements
  • Building and architectural requirements
  • Fire protection requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • System reliability
  • Economic requirements
Technical and ventilation requirements of ventilation design

There are no exact calculations of ventilation system in feasibility study, but the following is noted:

  • Ventilation principles
  • What are main performance characteristics
  • What is approximate installation of ventilation equipment
  • Where is it supposed to locate the equipment
  • How much will this ventilation system cost
Working project of ventilation system

Working project includes:

  • Equipment parts
  • Layout of ventilation equipment
  • Plans for air ducts and pipelines networks

Working draft of ventilation system is approved in matching organizations (HIS, fire inspection, etc.), if necessary, corrections are to be made.

Modern manufacturers of climate equipment offer different technological solutions in the field of supply and exhaust ventilation, cost of system depends on its functions, capacity, quantity and volume of premises that has to maintain. The specialists of Server-Service company will offer you the optimal equipment of ventilation equipment for your facility and completely design the system of supply and exhaust ventilation.

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