Heating of cafes and restaurants. Quality and uninterrupted heating is an important part of the microclimate of any room, especially in public catering establishments. Most modern heating methods are based on the restoration of heat losses of the room in automatic mode. In some enterprises, maintaining the temperature due to heating is a must and restaurants or cafes are just from this area.

If you are going to open a restaurant and you need to design a heating system for a restaurant or to install a heating system for your project, our specialists will be happy to help you. We offer a full range of services for the repair, design and installation of any heating system. If your institution already has a heating system, but it does not do its job well, our specialists will replace it or reconstruct it, and you will get a high-quality, and most importantly, effective heating system. Call our company, and we will solve any issues on heating quickly and efficiently.

Types of heating restaurants

There are several ways to effectively heat the room. Each of them is more or less suitable for heating the room, in addition, each type of heating has its own individual characteristics. If you do not know what type of heating you need, our experts will select the best option for you, taking into account the peculiarities of your restaurant and your wishes.

First Type: convection heating

This type of heating can be briefly described as an intensive movement of volumes of hot and cold air. By the principle of convective heating, most heating radiators of tubular type operate.

As disadvantages of this type of heating, the following features can be distinguished:

  1. The possibility of ventilation of the room only with large losses of heat.
  2. The temperature difference in the upper and lower part of the room.

Type 2: radiant heating

The basis for such heating is the use of radiation. Instruments for such heating, most of them are zonal. In addition, with the help of such heating it is possible to provide point heating of the room.

Heating systems.

The above mentioned heating methods are successfully used as a basis for heating systems. The heating system is a set of a number of elements designed to receive and transmit large volumes of artificial heat. The following are the main elements of such a system:

Heat source – as a heat source can act:

  • Standard heat exchanger – used in the design of central heating systems
  • Heat generator – used in localized heating systems.
  • Heat pipes are elements that act as a heat carrier between the source and the main device.
  • The heater.

Today Server Service Company offers to people of Uzbekistan a full range of services related to heating. If you need to produce:

  • Design of heating system
  • Installation of heating system
  • Repair, installation, servicing or dismantling of any heating equipment.

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