At all times, Korean technology, regardless of its domestic, or industrial purpose, was characterized by fabulous quality and maximum possible set of functions. Heating boilers from Kiturami company are not exception. This company produces diesel-type boilers. These boilers are produced in a two-circuit modification, which means that having such a boiler, you can not only heat your house, but also completely forget about the problems associated with hot water. Now you will have these problems only in case of cold water shutdown or, in case of gas shutdown, which usually happens very rarely. Today Kiturami produces two very popular models of boilers:

Kiturami Turbo – are boilers with a power range of 15.1-35 kW. These not too powerful boilers are suitable for heating small areas. Up to 350 meters inclusive. Their design is equipped with a special pipe-cyclone burner, the water consumption of these boilers is extremely economical – about no more than 21 liters per minute (in case of switching to maximum power).

KSOG Kiturami have a more significant power – from 58 to 465 kW respectively. It is possible to heat such a boiler with a boiler more than 4.5 km. More often such boilers are used for heating industrial enterprises. The water consumption for such a boiler will be approximately 100 liters per minute.

In addition to all of the above, the advantages of Kyturami include ease of management. This advantage is due to the presence in boiler device with special control unit with a huge range of all sorts of additional functions. Also, necessary attribute is built in the construction, such as a room thermostat, or, more simply, for the operational setting of the room temperature regime at a certain point.

Repair and prevention of Kiturami boilers

Of course, despite all its reliability, Kiturami also requires service and timely repairs. A frequent cause of failure is improperly mounted, which leads to premature wear of internal parts. Due to the highest technical equipment, the most vulnerable place of these boilers is automation.

“Server-Servis” is a company specializing in installation, maintenance and repair of “Kiturami” heating boilers in Tashkent. Also, we are repairing all existing brands of heating boilers, industrial and household scale, regardless of the country of origin.

Repair of boilers of other manufacturers: