Company Server Service carries out the design and construction of fruit stores and vegetable stores, installation of the most high-quality and reliable ventilation and air-cooling systems in vegetable stores, so that your fruits last longer and make happy eyes and stomach of the buyer!

The construction of the fruit storage is carried out by our experienced specialists, or by the forces of your construction crews under supervision of our specialists.

Холодильная камера для хранения фруктов. Server Service.When designing fruit or vegetable store, it is taken into account which vegetables or fruits will be stored in the storage and necessary temperature and humidity characteristics for this.

In recent years, storage of fruits in a camera with CA system (sometimes this type of storage is called “Regulated Atmosphere”, since this name is technically more accurate) has become a very popular storage technology, which allows to saturate stored fruits with gases they need – prolongs service life of fruits, but also improves their taste, promotes the ripening of unripened fruits and mproves the presentation of fruits (thanks to ripening fruit, they get a beautiful appetizing color and an even texture without dents and dark spots).

Also, when designing fruit and vegetable stores, we take into account the individual characteristics of area and customer wishes. For example, when designing one large fruit storage, we made several large-scale changes to the project, which the customer asked us for – a result of this was a high-quality and modern refrigerating warehouse that fully meets the customer’s wishes.

Many companies engaged in the design of refrigerated storages do not perform work on building of warehouse and supplying the necessary equipment – our company provides a full range of services: the design of fruit stores in Uzbekistan, their construction, selection, supply and installation of necessary equipment (equipment for refrigerating chambers, CA system, installations for shock freezing, humidifiers and air dehumidifiers) and materials (polyurethane foam and foam sandwich panels for thermal insulation, doors for refrigerators, ventilation system). And also the subsequent service of refrigerated warehouses.

Rules and regulations that must be observed when building fruit and vegetable stores:

  • SanRaS 0265-09 20.02.09 – “Hygienic requirements for service life and food storage conditions”, T: 2009
  • Other State Standards and Rules.

Server Service – we will design and build a fruit storage in Uzbekistan for you! If you need a vegetable store in Tashkent or any other region of Uzbekistan – we will help you.