Установка электрических водонагревателейInstallation of electric water heaters are very popular today. They can be used separately from centralized heating regardless from presence or absence of hot water.

Electric direct-flow water heaters

Operational concept. Water goes through the system and there it is heated. When installing, it is necessary to take into account the voltage in electricity. The indicators must meet all the regulations, indicated in the instruction.

It is important! The device requires a special socket connection. The maximum temperature of heated water is 35 °C.

Connection of water pipes is a hard work. For correct disconnection of water heater from network, it is important to have a safety device or main switch. The distance between contacts must be not less than 3mm.

Electric storage water heaters (boilers)

Boilers are designed for heating of large quantity of water. The main feature is vast tank. Water is supplied from water pipe under the pressure. The heating process begins after the overfilling of reservoir.

The boiler must be mounted near the water-supply point. It is also important to control the temperature in the room (it must not be too low).

The stages of the installation of storage heater. Shut-off valves are installed in the cold and hot water supply systems. Then the flexible hoses are connected. The next stage is the installation of protection valve from overpressure. The protection tripping device with horsepower rating is installed in switchboard panel.

Electric direct-flow storage water heaters

Water heaters of mixed type heats water several times faster than storage water heaters. They are usually installed there where there are no problems with water pressure. Otherwise, the direct-flow storage water heater will operate like usual boiler.

Direct-flow storage water heater can be placed both above and under the sink. Both options can be found in the instruction attached to the device.

Installation above the sink

First, brackets and fastening screws are used. Further, connection nipples fix the equipment to the water point. Nuts with seal are used for fastening of the nipples. Joint places must be sealed. Check them for leak.

Installation under the sink is similar to the first option. In case of water heater of open type, the valving is installed on the sink. Then the nipples are connected.

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