Hot water supply can be centralized and local. In the first case, water is produced in one center, from which it will be fed through pipes to all points of water draw-off, with local hot water supply – near consumption place.

Local system of hot water supply

Water is prepared in gas water heaters or columns in hot water supply system, and in apartment heating systems – in coils or welded tanks embedded in slabs and fires. In the absence of a gas pipeline, solid fuel columns are installed in residential buildings up to five floors in height. Gas water heaters are installed in residential buildings in those cases where it is possible to place channels for the discharge of combustion products.

Differ: 1) single-point semi-automatic gas water heaters, they can serve in turn two devices – a bath and a washbasin located directly at water heater; 2) multi-point automatic water heaters serving points of water draw-off, located at a distance of 10 m from water heater.

Installation of multi-point water heaters is inadvisable in multi-residential apartments, because such apartments have washing works for a long time leads for heaters radiator burnout and also there are difficulties in using the bathroom, as water from several faucets can change its temperature dramatically.

Centralized hot water system

In centralized hot water systems, the heaters can be located in different places:

1. In central heat station

2. In heat point of the building

3. In block heating stations


Installation services cost for heating systems

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