Refrigerated display cases are used to sell a wide variety of food products: sausages, cheeses, meat and fish delicacies, confectionery, etc. They form the basis of the equipment of leading departments of any grocery store – gastronomy, dairy products, confectionery.

Refrigerated display cases are divided into two groups: medium-temperature and low-temperature types. In mid-temperature refrigeration counters, the temperature of the exposure surface is from -1 to +6°C. For low-temperature display shelves, the temperature range of exposure is from -18 to -25°C. However, refrigerated counters are used with a temperature from -4 to -12°C.

Refrigerating counters can be made in several climatic classes. Showcases with built-in refrigeration unit usually produce two climatic classes: the third (refrigerated showcases operating at an ambient temperature of not more than 28°C and relative humidity – up to 60%), and the fourth (temperatures – up to 32°C and humidity – up to 55%). As for refrigerated counters with a remote unit, respectively, for cold supply of the same counter, either an ordinary refrigeration unit or an amplified (for a tropical climate) is used.

Холодильная витринаWe carry out repairs, diagnostics, maintenance of refrigeration and freezing equipment, including refrigerated counters (showcases) of different manufacturers.

We will professionally perform repairs of refrigeration or freezer counter of the storefront. If necessary, refill freon, replace the compressor, fan or microprocessor. The mechanics always have processed materials and main spare parts: compressors, microprocessors, fans, filters, freon and other components necessary for the repair of your refrigeration equipment, and therefore the restoration of efficiency of your refrigeration equipment, as a rule, occurs on the day of service-call. Work of any complexity is carried out urgently, at the place, at any time convenient for you, without transportation of equipment to facility.

The repair of refrigeration equipment is provided with a guarantee, both for done work done and for replaced spare parts and equipment components.

We can provide you repair services for refrigeration cabinets, as well as regular preventive measures for your refrigeration equipment on a contractual basis.

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