Electric “Baxi” boilers were developed by “Bahi SPA” Italian company. This model of boilers can fully work both on solid and liquid fuel type. Like all products of this company, “Baxi” boilers are distinguished by quality and reliability. For this reason, boilers of this brand still enjoy great respect and popularity among customers. A distinctive feature of these boilers is that all of them are designed to work only in closed heating systems. Also, these boilers are equipped with systems for forced circulation of water. This fact greatly facilitates the operation of boilers and increases the efficiency of its operation.

It would seem that design of these boilers is thought up from A to Z and breakages during their operation should not arise. Of course, with proper operation and at least an elementary maintenance, Baxi boilers will last for many years. And what kind of errors can arise from improper operation? About this below.

What breakdowns are possible with improper operation of Baxi boilers?

In event of  that the boiler does not develop full capacity, the reason may be a completely clogged mud maker, or, in an extremely inefficient single-pipe heating system. This problem can usually arise with absolutely any boiler brand. Although, it is worth noting that the properly installed boiler “Baxi” will work for a long time without interruptions and breakdowns.

Often “Baxi” boilers have following problem: there are uncharacteristic claps while ignition, or, when the boiler is turned on. Usually, this happens when the burners are completely burnt out. Burnt pipes are no longer able to prepare air-gas mixture necessary for normal operation. Burnt pipes can be due to the fact of clogged chimney, after that, “oxygen starvation of the boiler” comes. As a result, flame gradually burns the burner, because, during operation, it is “set” by it.

«Baxi» boilers repair

Of course, each model of “Baxi” boilers has its weak points and its most characteristic breakages. However, from all written above it can be concluded that timely service, regular cleaning and competent repair of “Baxi” boilers will keep their performance for many years.

Today “Server-Servis” company offers services of its qualified masters. We carry out service maintenance, installation and repair of “Baxi” boilers in Tashkent and suburban areas. Our specialists will come to you at any convenient time. All services provided and replaced parts are provided with a guarantee from the company. The diagnosis is free of charge while performing the installation, or repair work.


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