Globe valve is a stop valve designed to shut off operating medium in pipeline system. This type of stop valve is one of the most popular due to multifunctioness and numerous advantages.

Advantages of globe valve

Simple design provides ease of installation and operation, as well as increases service life.

Depending on the way of connection, valves are divided into flanged, threaded and welded. There is a wide choice of globe valves in our catalogue used in household and industrial field.

One of the main advantages is ease of installation as well as light weight, airtightness and reliability. Gas or water are used as operating medium.

Where to buy globe valve in Tashkent?

Presented globe valves in our catalogue can be used both on cold and hot water supply systems.

Stop valve is installed on the pipeline, the diameter of which is less than DN 50. You can buy from us globe valves DN 40, DN32, DN25 и DN20. Recommended operating temperature is up to +200 °С, pressure – 16 bar.

Products offered by our company are characterized by:Клапаны шаровые

  • compact size;
  • ease of use;
  • high efficiency;
  • 100 air tightness;
  • low hydraulic resistance.

They are also able to quickly shut off operating medium, don’t require regular maintenance and can be installed in any position.

Globe valves presented in our catalogue are characterized by air tightness of A class. Welded structure is made of high quality stainless steel.

We offer not only globe valve but also other types of stop valve. All products are distinguished by high quality and reliability. Call us and we will help you to select a suitable model.