Repair of exhaust ventilation. Exhaust ventilation system provides the elimination of contaminated air from the premise. This type of system can be used as one exhaust fan or natural exhaust (providing a small premise area).

Ventilation system has many separate connections (fans, heater, filter, air duct, grids, automatic switchboard, valves, diffusers, chambers). At the end of life of the equipment, some parts of the ventilation are broken or need a partial repair. It is also necessary to carry out the cleaning of ventilation grids, air ducts and filters.

Repair of ventilation systems must be implemented by qualified specialists. Trust the repair of ventilation system the masters at their job of Server Service Company. It is necessary to have special knowledge and skills in order to carry out the replacement of ventilation units.

The repair and replacement of ventilation units is a very responsible procedure. Incorrect connection of ventilation units leads to the malfunctions of other parts of ventilation system. It also can cause the unpleasant odor and undesirable noise during the operation.

If you noticed any malfunctions during the operation, call our specialists! We are always ready to consult you and come to the best decision. Besides, we check the ventilation system, eliminate and replace broken parts of the ventilation system.

We carry out all repair works of ventilation system. Call us by telephone numbers listed in the section “Contacts”.