ВодонасосыWater is one the main components in our life. Server Service Company has been engaged in the services of water supply for many years. We also carry out the installation of water pumps.

Water pump is a device serving for moving or lifting of the liquid through pipeline system. So, the water head is created using the pressure. If the device transfers the liquid without head, it is a water-lifting machine. The water pump is most often connected to pipeline system that goes from the discharge tank to overhead tank.

The electricity to the pump installation can be supplied in the form of mechanical, thermal or other energy. Pumps can be operated almost with any type of motors. It means that they can operate from the wind energy, gas, water, electricity, heat etc.

The motor operating on the electric energy, is more preferable. This applies especially to devices which are partially or fully automated.

Submersible pumpsУстановка водонасосов

This type of pump is used for water generation from depths. They are usually used in wells. Water pump has inlet opening, thanks to which it is cooled. Household submersible pump for wells is used for water pressure.

Circulated pumps

When there is a poor supply of heat in the apartments or cottages, the circulated pumps are used. They are very convenient because there is no need to install the pressure sensor additional protection of electric motor. It is possible to choose the right configuration and the way to adjust the heating system.