Installation of pellet burners

Pellet burners are designed for burning wood pellets with a diameter of 6 … 8 mm in solid fuel boilers with a nominal capacity of up to 20 kW and up to 40 kW, appropriately. Pellet burners are new and very promising direction for obtaining heat energy from pellets. Pellets are pressed granules from environmentally friendly materials (sawdust, shavings, hay, etc.). Unlike other types of fuel pellets do not require special conditions for transportation and storage. The significant difference between pellet burners is that they are environmentally friendly heating technology, and it is also very beneficial to use them for heating due to the economical nature of the materials from which pellets are made.

Installation of a pellet burner is a procedure that must be carried out by qualified personnel, employees of a specialized organization licensed to carry out such type of work.With the help of screws, pellet burner is installed in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on design features of unit where burner is built in.


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