Maintenance of input ventilation. Input ventilation provides the premise with fresh air. So, the air is heated and cleaned from the dust. Exhaust air is removed through the air ducts.

Advantages of this system are cleaning of supply air, temperature control and humidity level. The most usual ventilation is installed when building the house. These air ducts are installed in the kitchen or sanitary conveniences. The removal of contaminated air is carried out through the air ducts, the air inflow comes from window and door splits.

Of course, such system has also disadvantages. The efficiency of this system depends on air temperature, speed and other causes.

In these days, the plastic windows have become very popular. That’s why the system of input ventilation is not so popular.

According to construction norms and regulations, the supply air must be at least +16 °С. Temperature difference leads to unpleasant consequences. That’s why the system of input ventilation must be equipped with the heater and multistage heating protection system. The ventilation system must also have air filter that provides the protection from dust formation and noise insulation.

It is very important to carry out a professional design, installation and starting-up and commissioning of input ventilation. Therefore, such systems often condition the premises with large area of 200-300 sq. meters.

Premises of different purposes with the area from 30 to 50 square meters are perfectly ventilated by compact monoblock input installations. As they have a lot of advantages, they don’t require a complex design, installation and starting-up and commissioning.

Despite, the ventilation like air conditioners need a regular and timely maintenance. Remember that timely preventive maintenance is a guarantee of long service life of your ventilation system.

Server Service Company offers:

List of services of our company also includes the maintenance, repair and diagnostics of ventilation system, as well as disinfection of air ducts. Our specialists have an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ventilation system. Maintenance of ventilation system is carried out in accordance with all norms and requirements.

We also conclude the contract for system maintenance with all our customers. This contract consists of price and performance time. The frequency of maintenance depends on the type of ventilation system. Our high qualified specialists carry out necessary measurements and testing of the system, also diagnostics and troubleshooting.

So, what should be done for maintenance of input ventilation:
So, what should be done for maintenance of input ventilation

This list includes necessary stages for maintenance of input ventilation. It is worth noting that the maintenance of ventilation system in Tashkent needs a special care, as the air is too contaminated. So, the filters of input ventilation must be replaced as often as possible.

It is necessary to check:

– Filters. If it is necessary, they must be replaced
– Ventilation grids, which carry out air intake and its distribution
– Fan’s impeller
– Status of fan’s motor bearings
– Reliability of electric connections
– Automation and regulation systems
Technical status of fire safety valves
– Pressure drop and air temperature

This list can be changed according to customer’s wishes.

Call us and we carry out the maintenance of your ventilation system in a high quality and professional level!

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