Installaltion of input ventilation. Input ventilation allows you to create a slight room overpressure, resulting in removal of air naturally – through windows and leaks in the doorways.

Input ventilation helps to distribute supply air throughout the premise, using diffuser and grid system. If there are limits of noise level in the production shop, the ventilation system is equipped with sound-absorbing elements.

Constant temperature and speed of air circulation is maintained due to automation control system. It helps to control set air parameters in the room.

Supply ventilation systems are the systems of a high efficiency. They provide the air supply and exhaust simultaneously. So, they carry out non-stop circulation of room air.

Air in the inner part of supply and exhaust ventilation systems is heated with the help of heaters. These calorifers use both water and electricity. Recuperation is also can be used for this purpose. In this case, the degree of intake air is increased because of heat of air outlet.

“Server Service” Company offers the services of air-handling ventilation. This type of ventilation supplies the whole room with fresh air. It also humidifies, cool, heat and filter the air.


Input ventilation system consists of several parts
Input ventilation system consists of the following elements::
  • fans
  • filters
  • several noise insulation layers
  • Heaters for regulation of air temperature

Input ventilation provides only supply of heated air into the room. If the input ventilation is equipped with recuperators and heaters, it can eliminate the excess of moisture in the air. Installation of input ventilation is usually carried out in large objects, such as hotels, swimming pools etc.

Specialists of our company carry out the installation of ventilation and conditioning systems. Installation of ventilation systems is carried out with the use of its air ducts and formed parts.

There are several stages that must be taken into account during the installation
There are several stages that must be taken into account during the installation:

– Select a high efficient ventilation equipment, air conditioner, consumable material

– Calculate ventilation and create the pipe scheme for air distribution

– Design and install ventilation system

– Carry out the maintenance of ventilation and conditioning systems

– Construct air ducts

– Produce ventilation components and noise limiter

– Disinfect the ventilation and air conditioners

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