Combined boilers are boilers that are designed for heat supply for residential houses with fuel which can serve as solid fuel (coal, firewood, etc.) and low-pressure natural gas with installed gas automatics (for combined gas boiler).

The most common options for heating boilers are: gas, electric boilers, liquid fuel (diesel), and combined. The last type of boiler is operation with the use of several types of fuel: gas and electric energy, gas and diesel fuel. Naturally, models of such boilers are more expensive than conventional, “single” boilers.

Installation of a combined heating boiler is very important moment, requiring appropriate knowledge and professional skills. Therefore, this process should be entrusted to specialists who meet this daily. “Server Service” company for a long time is engaged in the qualitative installation of heating boilers.


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Installation services cost for heating systems

We use the latest technologies and modern professional tools and equipment in work process. Installation of heating boilers takes place in compliance with all regulatory documents and regulations.

In order to carry out boiler installation, our specialists use only the most modern technologies and tools.

Specialists of “Server Service” company will help you quickly and efficiently install a combined heating boiler and make all necessary calculations according to your requirements. Remember that only professional, high-quality and guaranteed installation of boiler equipment can provide long service life, and make you happy with its features.

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