Arderia heating boilers were result Daesung company development, once based in South Korea. Like almost all products of this company, these boilers are distinguished by a high degree of quality and reliability. Also, they will absolutely suit those who think about future day and always cares about how to use the most economical in their operation equipment. Boilers of this brand will serve you for many years even under the most severe operating conditions. This is possible due to the fact that  developers of “Arderria”  production use only the best materials and the newest technologies that are developed to date in the production of such products. It is noteworthy that such boilers can operate stably at the lowest gas pressure, which is only 4 mbar. Also, design of these boilers has unique features that allow them to function in conditions while other boilers would soon refuse to work at all. All these features today make “Arderria” one of the most popular brands of heating boilers in the world market.

Why do heating boilers “Arderria” break?

Despite unpretentiousness operation, maintenance and service, these boilers, oddly enough, also have unpleasant quality of unexpectedly failing at the “right” moment. So, “Arderria” from time to time requires a technical inspection and at least, elementary preventive procedures.
For example: dirt, scale, and, of course, rust accumulate over a long operation period in any heating system. All this is contained in poor quality water in large quantities. Such water is often used as a coolant. What is surprising – rarely anyone thinks about  its usage consequences.

Repair of “Arderria” heating boilers, where to turn?

Repair of “Arderria” heating boilers requires a detailed approach, even from old  experienced master. Where can I go so that my boiler does not become a victim of self-taught experiments?

Server-Servis will solve your problem! We and our specialists have been engaged for many years in assembling, repairing and servicing of “Arderia” heating boilers in Tashkent. Official long-term guarantee is provided for any work that is carried out for you by our masters. Also, you can always call master to any point of city, at any time convenient for you, without any problems.


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